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 This is the martyrs’ pictures saloon; the showcases made by Aluminum are placed orderly in this saloon. Many pictures of Afghanistan’s Mujahidin are placed with special frames into the showcase. When you point to each picture, you will distinguish a different world, which may not be apprehensive to new generation.

 In case whatever you notice in this collection of Mujahidin’s pictures, who are rather martyrs or defective shows the reality.

This is the valuable solace for people of this land because we recognize the reality here, “in Jihad’s visage”. That’s why today’s comfort and solace are benediction of thousands of martyrs whom sacrificed their breaths for us.

And finally there is a receptionist room and recorded book of vestige dairy for Jihad’s visage, in this room there is a capacity for over 20 guests

There is a dairy book for visitors, on which they could write viewpoints and regards, here is a custom, anyone who visit jihad’s visage they will be receipted well and then they will write their viewpoints in dairy book.

A souvenir photograph will be taken from them, as well as we record the viewpoints and the photographs of mujahidin and leader of Jihad whom visit jihad’s visage in last few years, and now they are not with us but their photographs, memories and signatures will remind forever in this record book.

Many authorities and common people visit jihad’s visage for its cultural and artistic values. without any doubt most national and international visitors come and have a look from Jihad’s visage. We wish anyone who watch this movie, help us in a case we develop jihad’s visage. We request those who have vestiges of Jihad, include pictures, movies, audios, and magazines, personal instruments of Mujahidin and whatever they got as booty from jihad’s period, we respectfully want them to deliver us.

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Alhajsaeed Abdul WahabQattali son of AlhajSaeedHamedQattali was born in 1338 AH in Keberzan village of Angel distract in Herat



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