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Sagher assembly

From 11-23 July 1987AD there was a big gathering of mujahedeen which named Sagher assembly by leading of Ameer Mohammad Ismail to make mujahedeen united. It was held in Sagher district of Ghour province.

More than 1200 Mojahed commanders, who came from far away with lots of difficulties, joined this important gathering which was a symbol of unity and one rule in the country.

The Sagher gathering was a reference point for planning new strategies to raise mujahedeen, and made an agreement which was consist of twenty clauses to adjust strategic plans. The enemy couldn’t break this gathering.

8. After observing the Sagher gathering you are led to upside part towards the visage, when you are passing the rounded stairs, you can really feel the visage. When you are standing there, you can see a very interesting sight from each porch, in this place all the pictures and scenes are connected to each other and show the remembrance moments of Jihad, all of these artistic scenes are created by the best painters of Herat.


Starting of revolution.

As you see Faramooz Khan’s garden in the picture which was located in the 17th division and it was the information center of that regime.

After coup in 1357AH 7 sour or 27/April/1978, there were some movement against Afghanistan people believes, besides this the biggest opposition of the government was against rich people, they wanted to distribute the rich people’s lands between farmers and the workers.

Besides being against believes of people, they were detecting and killing rich and liberal Muslims in groups. As the gardeners and soldiers admitted a few years later, the Muslim people were brought to the killing place with closed hands and eyes and saying Allah Akbar were shot as the KGB leaders wanted.  After many years their bodies were found in a hill, which is named as unknown martyrs’ hill, during one year the regime has done such performances which people raised against them.

The beginning of 24 Hoot resistances of Herat people

By arbitrate of religious scientists, the people of Herat were getting ready for a big resistance against the government, after a few days in 24 Hoot in 1357AH or 15/March/1979 the people from all over Herat invaded to overthrow the government, the first picture belongs to Darwaza e Qandahr which is located in the south of Herat city shows the resistance of people who are coming from each street with shovels, axes, swords, woods and empty hands invading the security centers of the government. It was an amazing day, in a very short moment people arrived to the centers of government; the soldiers were shooting the people who were saying Allah Akbar and coming towards them, no one knew how the people were being killed.By seeing the three pictures which are painted about the scenes of 24 Hoot, you can picture every moment of that day in your mind.

 The revolution of 24th Hoot

We are the witnesses of 24th Hoot revolution in the middle of the day In this picture where there is the painted location of Pay-e-Hasar, what we notice from this picture is the union of public and judgment of previous regime, we see that public are fighting against enemies and saving one injured person and many other people are killed, but they don’t regret and attack to the strongholds of enemas to triumph the fort. Right there on the top of the citadel they put their (Allah-u-Akbar) flag.

6th Jady (AH)

The 6th of Jady 1358 (AH) or 27th 0f December 1979AD Afghanistan was attacked by Red troops of Soviet Union from both surface and airways, till that time the people of Afghanistan didn’t forget that state stroke on 7thSawr of 1357 (AH), (27th of April 1978) AD, while Hafiz-ullah-Ameen, Babrak Karmal aggressed on Afghanistan together with the Soviet Red Force, on 6th of Jady 1358 (AH), (27 December 1979 AD). 

This aggression of Soviet Union was a misdeed, which United Nations was in opposite of it, on the other hand the seventy years military system of Soviets was totally ruined and escape from Afghanistan with no achievements.

The battles of Mujahidin in west of Herat

In this picture you will notice the increasing of individual battles of Mujahidin with the previous regime; we notice that Mujahidin are fighting against enemies in different villages of western Herat, and also we notice the families who left their houses and migrated to other countries, we see the moment that explains the fourteen years Jihad of Mujahidin in this picture. The previous government attacked both by surface and airways force on Mujahidin by having infrastructure and proper army, but in the opposite Mujahidin had a heavy attack on enemies by having the third class facilities. Here we should not forget the brave women of Afghanistan who prepared food and facilitated many instruments which were needed for Mujahidin. 

This was the resistance and Jihad of Muslim people of Afghanistan which caused emersion of soviets aggressors from Afghanistan.


The propulsion of Soviet Force

The red troops of soviets, whose aim was to capture Indian Ocean, transgress upon Afghanistan to dominance it; like other dominancy countries, but they didn’t overcome.

The resistance of Mujahidin in all over Afghanistan caused heavy casualties both in military force and economical sources to the Soviets Unions.The Soviet Unions’ military were defeated on 26th of Dalwa 1367 AH or 15thFebruary 1989 AD, finally they were disposing from Afghanistan.

General Bors Gromoof the commander in-chief of Soviets Union force in Afghanistan was the last soldier of Soviet Military, who returned back to his country from Hayrettan bridge in Mazar-e-Shareef has said “ I will never be back to this land”.


The battle of Zendajan

The battle of Zendajan was a memorable event of Mujahidin in Herat province; that should be a remembrance for many reasons, because it was a destiny for politician situation of a country and for the achievement victory of Mujahidin.

This battle which was protectorate by previous government occurred in 1991AD and continued for ten months in Zendajan district of Herat province; “the main base of Mujahidin in south-west”.

At the beginning of battle; the previous regime wanted to deport Mujahidin from the borders of western Heart for next 24 hours and get used huge and big military power which contained aircrafts and surface force, but Mujahidin blitz face to face against them, finally Mujahidin expropriate the district of Zendajan from enemies, therefore the previous regime nominated a prize for every meter of Zendajan’s district land, as well as the enemy used many techniques during the last 10 months, but it all went wrong and couldn’t enter to the land of Zendajan, it was all because the impetus of every Mojahed was very strong by Allah’s willing and it was their sayings “ if even one person survive in Zendajan he or she will never deliver their land to enemy”.

This struggle and surrounding gave Herat’s Mujahedin universal fame, and the main refraction of previous regime was the heavy casualty economical and losing their army, this was the beginning of victory for Mujahidin in all over Afghanistan. 

Because the military counselors believed that the refraction of Zendajan caused to lose the soldiers moral from fighting, so during 43 days the regime was fallen and Mujahidin entered into the city on 29th of Hamal 1371 (AH) or 17th of April 1992 AD.

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Alhajsaeed Abdul WahabQattali son of AlhajSaeedHamedQattali was born in 1338 AH in Keberzan village of Angel distract in Herat



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